Under the authority of Christ, the local church is God’s agency to make his gospel known near and far through the multiplication of more local churches. Therefore, every local church should be selective, strategic, and careful as it engages in the work of God’s mission.

Our Philosophy

Our missions involvement consists of having fewer but engaged partnerships with healthy like-minded ministries which causes financial support to be greater.

Our Practice

We stay in regular contact and engage with our partners in three specific ways:

  1. We pray for them
  2. We financially support them
  3. We go to them for support as needed

Our Partners


Radius International

Radius International is committed to assisting the evangelical church and missions community by providing pre-field missions training that will equip cross-cultural workers to establish healthy, indigenous, reproducing churches among unreached language groups. Radius does this by training singles, couples, and families who are committed to long-term, pioneer church planting among unreached language groups. Radius focuses on gospel clarity, long-term commitments, integrated training, and the centrality of the local church. They are training individuals to go to the hardest unreached places left on earth to reach people with the gospel through local church planting.


International Mission Board (IMB)

The IMB is the largest evangelical missions sending agency in the world. Their reach and scope are broad, sustaining missions work in church planting, engaging unreached people groups, pastoral training, and providing resources for the global church. They are not focused on a specific region but aim to engage all nations for the purpose of making disciples.

Niddrie Community Church (20Schemes):

Niddrie Community Church is a revitalized church located in a scheme of Edinburgh, Scotland. While the global church has a presence in Scotland, the schemes of Scotland, which are inner-city housing districts remain some of the hardest places to reach with the gospel. Niddrie Community Church is planted in the heart of Edinburgh’s most deprived scheme which has all the problems associated with these districts: unemployment, drugs, educational problems, mental health issues, and violence. It is the most deprived scheme in Edinburgh and ranks as the 31st most deprived area in Scotland, according to the government’s deprivation index. Niddrie Community Church has been ministering the gospel in this area since 2012.


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, the mission of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is to be totally committed to the Bible as the Word of God, to the Great Commission as our mandate, and to be a servant of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention by training, educating, and preparing ministers of the gospel for more faithful service. Southern Seminary was the first Southern Baptist seminary and originally met in Greenville, SC. It stands today in a central location across the states (Louisville) and maintains the highest student enrollment status on a regular basis year to year.

9Marks Ministries

Seeks to equip church leaders with a Biblical vision and practical resources for building healthy churches. As we partner with others in church planting, we should be careful to be planting healthy biblical churches. 9Marks equips the local church to be functioning in the way the Bible prescribes. They also translate their resources into many different languages so that the global church can be growing in health too. They are a ministry that seeks to help the local church remain faithful in her practices and doctrine. Many ministries are planting churches. Not many are focusing on what kind of churches are we planting? 9Marks places their focus there.

Compassion Ministries

Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries

Since 1892, Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries has provided hope for South Carolina’s children and families in need. Connie Maxwell provides a variety of services for the family including residential care for children, foster care, family care for single mothers, and crisis care for families in need. There are 5 locations around the state of SC.

SEND Relief

Send Relief exists to respond to life-altering moments with the life-giving gospel of Jesus. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters, caring for refugees, fighting human trafficking, supporting adoption and foster care efforts or providing clean water and medical attention to struggling communities, Send Relief is committed to connecting people in need with people who care.

Piedmont Women’s Center

Piedmont Women’s Center is a trusted provider of reproductive health care serving the upstate of South Carolina and surrounding areas. They serve on the frontline in the fight against abortion. They offer services including: pregnancy consultations, free pregnancy services, adoption referrals, parenting equipping, women’s health services, child loss support, and more.

SBC Cooperative Program

The SBC Cooperative Program is the collaborative effort from Southern Baptists to combine resources into one fund which is then distributed to various ministry endeavors such as church planting, missions, compassion ministry, pastoral training, and more. The CP serves as a systemized way to fulfill the great commission and the felt needs around it. As with all our partners, we evaluate the like-mindedness and health of our partners regularly. This especially applies to the SBC Cooperative Program and we have chosen to be, and will continue to be, especially selective in which entities within the convention we choose to support more than others.