Corporate Worship

Our Sunday morning worship gathering is our most important meeting throughout the week. We come together to worship God through our preaching, singing, praying, and fellowship—all around his Word.

Our Services

  • We aim to glorify God in all things. This means we want to be God-centered in all we do because we believe that we and everything else exists for God–to know, cherish, and worship him. Therefore, our services are intentionally Godward focused instead of entertaining to people. We believe a worship service glorifying God is in this way is the path to true joy and fulfillment!
  • We are ordinary. You won’t find anything flashy about us, but hopefully you’ll find a group of people who love Jesus above all and genuinely care for each other.
  • Our Singing: We sing both old and new songs. Our main concern is to sing songs that are theologically rich and that are singable for the congregation. We believe the loudest element of our singing together should be the voices of the people!
  • Our Preaching: Our preaching aims to proclaim the truths of the Bible through the expositional preaching of the Bible verse by verse. Sermons are explicitly centered on God, intentionally applied to man, and are generally 40-45 minutes in length.
  • Our Attire: Most are dressed casually. Some are in jeans. A few are in ties. Come as you are—we’d love to have you no matter what you wear!

Our Distinctives

  • God-centered Worship — Primary focus on God and not man.
  • Bible-saturated Ministry — Verse by verse expositional preaching; Word centered ministries. 
  • Big God Theology — Joyfully recognizing the sovereignty of God over all things.
  • Gospel-focused Mission —Our work focuses on the proclamation of the gospel to see sinners redeemed and transformed by the grace of God through the work of Jesus Christ. 
  • Healthy Church Membership — Intentional growth in Christ in a committed community of publicly recognized believers.